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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How long do the decals last?
A. Most decals are made of Avery 6 year vinyl. Avery vinyl is used to make most 1 color and 2 color decals without a lot of detail. If the decal is small and requires multiple colors it may be digitally printed. Digitally printed decals have a lifespan of about 2-3 years. Of course this does depend on what types of conditions the decals are exposed to (offroading, weather, washing and waxing of vehicles, etc.)

2. What is a digitally printed decal?
A. Digitally printed decals are made by a process of printing ink on top of vinyl. This process is used most often for small detailed multicolor items and items with large quantities of color.

3. What does die-cut mean?
A. The term of the decal being “die-cut” means that once the decals are applied and the premask is removed, only the letters or image will be left. There is no background as in a bumper sticker. The surface it is applied to is the background color. For example if you have a black Jeep and you want white letters, the black of your Jeep will be the only other color besides the white letters. Each letter will be an individual piece on your Jeep.

4. What is premasked?
A. When decals are made there is a layer of “premask” applied over the decal for application purposes. The premask acts as a sort of masking tape with a light adhesive that holds the letters or image together for application purposes. You will remove the backing paper from the decal which will leave the premask, and you will apply the decal. Then the premask is removed from the decal leaving only the image.

5. How do I apply my Decals?
A. First you must clean the area good. Windex is a good product to use to clean the area. On most small decals the simple peel and stick rule will work to apply. On smaller decals is it pretty easy to just peel the backing paper off the decal, hold it by the top to edges of the premask and eyeball the decals where you would like to stick them. Gently tack them up by just the edges of the premask (by gently tacking them up by using on the premask it allows you to move it without the decals sticking to the object), step away, and see if you are happy with the placement. If the placement is correct, use a credit card, drivers license, or any firm object to “rub” your decals on, using an up and down motion. Then remove the premask by pulling down on it from one corner at a 45 degree angle very slowly, making sure the decal is stuck totally. If a piece of the decal does start to peel up, just use your finger to rub it back down. Finish removing the premask and you are all done.

On larger decals you may want to you masking tape to line the decal up exactly where you want it. To apply, place 2 pieces of masking tape on the top and bottom of the center of the decal. Next you will want to “hinge” the decal meaning pull the decal back on either the left or right side to the masking tape in the middle. Pull of the backing paper on that side and cut it away with a pair of scissors. Apply that side using the same method as above (up and down strokes). Next, remove the masking tape and peel back the opposite side. Remove the backing paper and apply. Remove premask and you are finished. If you get air bubbles in the vinyl don’t worry (See question 6).

If you don’t feel comfortable using either of these methods, you can always mix a combination of water and liquid soap, (1 or 2 drops of soap to a 32 FL OZ spray bottle) and apply the decal wet. Remove the backing paper and spray the entire back of the decal with the solution. (Do not get the premask wet!!!!) Also, wet the surface with the solution also. Place the decal on the surface and the solution will allow you to move the decal around. Once you have it in place (be careful not to take too long the solution will dry up on you) Use the method above of applying (up and down strokes with credit card, license or squeegee) Make sure the decal is dry before trying to remove the premask.

6. Why do I have air bubbles in my decal?
A. Air bubbles are almost impossible to avoid when applying large decals. Don’t worry, they come out with a little hit from the sun in a few days or if you really can’t stand them take a pin or an exacto knife and pop them with a little hole and push the air out.

7. How do I remove my old decals?
A. You will want to use some sort of heat on them. The warmth of the sun, a blow dryer or a heat gun all will work just fine. Heat the decals up a little and just peel away. If there is any adhesive left over then use a gentle adhesive remover to get it off. Be careful to try it on a small area first as not to damage the surface. When finished clean the area well with Windex or soap and water and apply your new decals.

8. When will my decals/signs ship?
A. Most orders ship the next business day after receiving payment. If there is a situation where it may take longer an email will be sent to the customer explaining the situation.

9. How will my decals/signs be shipped?
A. Decals are mailed via US Mail. Depending on how you choose to have them shipped they will either be sent via US First Class Mail or via US Priority Mail with confirmation, unless something else is set up with the customer. With US First Class Mail we do not provide a guarantee on delivery because there is no way of tracking the order. This is the cheapest means of shipping but again there is no guarantee. With Priority Mail with confirmation you get a tracking number to check the order. If something does happen then the decal will be replaced for free.

Other Facts:

1. Decals can not be applied with water only.

2. Temp should not be bellow 55 degrees when applying decals. If so, use a heat source to warm the surface like a blow dryer or heat gun.

3. Do not get the premask wet before applying. The premask will separate from the decal if it becomes wet.

4. Magnets should be removed from the vehicle weekly and the area behind them cleaned well before putting them back on. Failure to do so will result in possible damage to the magnet and car.

5. Magnets must be placed completely flat on the vehicle. They must not be applied over any ridges or body lines. Any area that allows wind to get behind the magnet will result in it blowing off the vehicle.

6. Banners should be rolled loosely with the graphics to the outside for storage when not in use. DO NOT FOLD YOUR BANNER!! This will cause the letters to peel away where the crease is made from folding it. Roll it up and stand it up if possible.

7. If you peel the backing paper away from the decal and some of the paper stays, do not throw the decal away, it is still good. Just use your fingernail, or sharp pointed object to reach under and peel the paper away from the decal. Just be patient. There is not a flaw in the decal it just means the decal was cut a little too deep.

8. Do not hold a power washer or high pressure washer on your decal or magnet. It is ok to spray it/clean it but do not hold it on there for an extended time. You will damage the decal or magnet.

9. You may clean or wash your car after applying a decal. There is no wait period before you can do so.

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